Niina Sugawara (菅原新菜, Sugawara Niina) is one of the main protagonists of O Maidens in Your Savage Season series.



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Sugawara is one of Kazusa Onodera's best friend. Characters in the series call her "crane" due to her fragile appearance. Throughout the series, she develops feelings for Izumi Norimoto.

Moreover, she accuses her former acting teacher, Hisashi Saegusa of being a pedophile.


Kazusa Onodera

Sugawara thought of her as simple and plain at first sight, but after awhile she began to see her personality interesting and started helping her through the courses of sex. Despite both of them having feelings for Izumi, neither of them sees each other as an enemy.

Izumi Norimoto

At first sight, Sugawara makes the first move by telling him he was quite good-looking and interesting, she also tried making him touch him multiple times because of her feelings rushing over her and would say it was hot. Later, she developed romantic feelings for him but hadn't won him over.

Momoko Sudō

Rika Sonezaki

Tomoaki Yamagishi


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